Both are Good. The real question is which one is the right choice for your house. These are some points you have to consider while choosing the right window decor for your house.Lets just compare them.
Comparing it for a 3 door 150*150 size window.
Usually for a wooden window window blinds are fixed inside the wall pocket. And the curtain is fixed outside with an average height of 210 cm along with width of 180 cm. Small curtains are cute but sometimes it looks so cheep. The standard height of a curtain needed is 214cm and 3cm above from the floor. For a 3 door window. 4 peice cloth is the best.


The blinds will be fixed inside so you have to take around only 21.5 sqft area, which is the area of a 3 door window. And there will be no projection to a wall. Which means no extra room space is used for blinds. And that’s a good thing for smaller rooms.

For curtains, a single layer curtain will be projected 15 cm to the outside which takes from room space and more if they are double layered. The curtain makes to window looks bigger. So for a big room with a smaller window to make the window looks bigger curtain is better.



Day&night blinds or a zebra blinds when it is in a closed position if the blind is a dim out time small light or glow will be passed. And if the blinds is a blackout type no light will be entered the house. And you can adjust the amount of light coming to your room by rolling up. In zebra mode avg of 60% of the light coming through the window will enter and you can also completely roll up the blind. I would say blinds do a good job of controlling the amount of light entering your room. 

Curtains, on the other hand, you can use sheer cloth on the day time for reducing the light and a secondary main cloth for completely blocking the light.


Curtains look luxurious, traditional, bigger. The bigger the curtain in height the better it looks. but you shall know you won’t always get the perfect pleats. And while selecting the cloths it is a risk-taking. Because sometimes when in a shop some clothes look great but the final product as a curtain does not look that cool. but a well-made curtain gives you the premium luxury and elegant look that nothing can catch up. The problem is achieving that look is not that easy

Blinds look Amazing, modern, clean, simple and trendy. No customer said to me that these blinds look bad here. because it has a minimum guarantee on good looks. Blinds will always lift up


Curtains life depend upon two things. Curtain rod quality and fabric. A good quality fabric you can use years cleaning and reusing. But the curtain rods, channels and eyelet rings that fixed on the cloth will get weared and scratched and damaged after four to five years. Any small plastic parts will also get teared on time. Usually, curtains look great to 5-6 years

On current zebra or roller blinds, plastics parts are fewer. In vertical blinds that you see in offices has less life and hard to maintenance due to the smaller and brittle plastics in it. But in a zebra blinds, the box/pelmet is made out of aluminium alloy and fabric is synthetic. pully system is well built made of strong plastic and it is replaceable for a small price. Usually, a blinds last to 7 – 9 years


Zebra Blinds and roller blinds have very less maintenance. And easy to maintain. It has less chance to get damaged and most of the parts can be replaced including the fabric.

Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds are not that maintenance-friendly and hard to replace

Curtains need maintenance after a couple of years usually the rods are not that of good quality so there is a chance of rust. And the rigs may get broken while you take it out for a wash. But both can be replaced.


Blinds have less dust on them it can be remover easily

Curtain, due to the fabric and pleats more chance get dust fast comparing to the blinds


Blinds usually cleaned using a wet cloth. You can remove the dust by vacuum cleaning and you can also shampoo wash blinds. It has less chance to get dust so might only have to clean it once or twice a year.

Curtains can be vacuum cleaned or washed. You have to do more times in a year because cotton attracts dust.

Usually, Blinds were 10-20% expensive than curtain. But it has more life. It’s all about the house and how the way you want it to look.

Ashik Kareem


In Kerala, for a 3 door window, 21.5 sqft blinds are available from 100Rs. Which is very cheap and I don’t suggest to buy. Always go for an average rate. Depend upon the number of windows usually the price is 2500-3500 for an average blinds. A premium blinds used priced in 210-145 Rupees per sqft

Curtain need 4 piece of 2.5 meter cloth for a window and rods, clams and dooms. Average cloth rate can be taken as 150-175 10 meter cloth is needed.

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